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Cape Town, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant communities, is known for its diverse energy needs. Gas companies in Cape Town play a crucial role in meeting these demands efficiently and sustainably.We are an authorised gas installation company accredited with the LP Gas Association of South Africa, and pride ourselves in the fact that we carry out safe installations right the first time.

The increasing cost of electricity has resulted in a growth in popularity to utilise gas installations. It’s important to keep in mind there are strict and specific regulations that we must comply with when installing gas equipment to ensure an insurance policy remains valid.

Our Products

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Protect your gas cylinders with double gas cages – secure, durable, and cost-effective storage solution.

We ensure safe and efficient gas flow with our reliable gas regulators.
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Durable PVC gas pipes for safe and efficient gas distribution. Trust in our quality
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Types of Gas Services Offered

Residential Gas Services

For homeowners in Cape Town, gas companies offer a range of services. This includes providing gas for cooking, heating, and even powering generators during load shedding. Many residents prefer gas for its reliability and affordability.

Commercial Gas Services

Businesses in Cape Town also benefit from gas companies. They can access a steady supply of gas for industrial purposes, such as manufacturing and heating large spaces. This choice not only saves money but also reduces the carbon footprint of these enterprises.

The Role of Gas Companies in Cape Town

Gas companies in Cape Town serve as the backbone of the city’s energy supply. They source, distribute, and provide essential services related to gas. Whether it’s powering your home, restaurant, or factory, these companies ensure a steady supply of this clean-burning fuel.

Our Services

As registered LP Gas Installers our work is carried out accordance with the law:

The Appliance Approval and Certification –
South African National Standards
(SANS) Code 1539

Gas Installation –
South African National
Standard (SANS) 10087-1:2013

Health and Safety – Pressure Equipment Regulation Section 43 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSCA), Act No. 85 of 1993.


All Household


Restaurants, Hotels, Guest Houses and Farms


Bulk Tank,
Dumpy cylinder etc

General Gas

General Gas Services
And Maintenance

Inspection &

Compliance for property sale
/ successful transfer.

Gas Installation Regulations as per SANS 10087

Cylinder/s to be a minimum horizontal distance of 1m away from any window, door or airbrick.
Any window above a cylinder must be minimum 3m or a non-combustible roof must be provided to reduce the vertical distance to 300mm, however the distance from the cylinder valve to the window must be 1.5m.
Any electrical installation must be 5m away from the LPG installation.
No drains shall be located within 2m radius of the LPG installation.
An outdoor light may be 1.5m above the LPG installation.
Safety Measures and Regulations

Gas safety is a top priority for both consumers and gas companies. Strict regulations are in place to ensure the safe handling, storage, and usage of gas. Always follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents.

Maintenance and Repairs

Gas appliances and systems require regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Gas companies often offer maintenance services to keep your equipment in top condition.

Customer Support and Assistance

A reputable gas company should provide excellent customer support. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or require emergency services, they should be readily available to help.

Switching to Gas: A Wise Choice

Considering the environmental benefits, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, switching to a gas company in Cape Town is a wise choice. It’s a step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Selecting the Right Gas Company

When choosing a gas company in Cape Town, consider factors such as reputation, service coverage, pricing, and customer reviews.
A reliable gas company should meet your energy requirements while providing excellent customer support.

Advantages of Choosing a Gas Company

Environmentally Friendly

Gas is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to coal or oil. Using gas for your energy needs reduces greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a greener Cape Town. Gas companies in the region are committed to sustainable practices.


Gas is often more cost-effective than other energy sources. With competitive pricing and efficient delivery systems, gas companies ensure you get value for your money.

Reliable Supply

Gas companies in Cape Town pride themselves on reliable service. You can count on uninterrupted energy supply, even during power outages.

What our clients have to say

Excellent service. Mike has been so patient in helping us while we got used to the gas geezer. We will definitely recommend his services.

Nita Kemp

Really good service from the Wineland Gas team. Very responsive to emails and fast, efficient gas installation. Would definitely recommend Mike and the team to others.

Laura Tabrett

Mike en Cleopas is nou net hier weg. Uitstekende werk en 'n professionele span wat mens trots maak en hoop gee! Belangrik om te meld dat julle administrasie en bestuur voortreflik is en rolmodelle vir die bedryf stel. Baie dankie. Beste wense!

Pieter en Rosemarie

I am pleased to say Winelands Gas did a super job for us even fitted and included our gas stove in the CoC certification at no extra cost. This is a no-nonsense business that handled the installation and certification professionally and on the same day and left no installation materials behind. This is all good business practice. Bravo to WINELANDS GAS INSTALLERS.

Hugo Rohland

Very neat, quick, and clean work. Drove a little further than their usual service area to accommodate us. I would definitely recommend Winelands Gas for all your gas needs!

Uwes Lamprecht

Winelands Gas delivered on each promise, pro-actively responded to calls and mails and arrived on time as arranged, their quote was fair, their service excellent, and definitely a 'go to' company. They moved a gas-top stove for me and safely installed it in another property. Also advised me on electrical compliance so that when the installation took place everything was in order to prevent further delays and costs.

Gail Basson

Received great service from Winelands Gas. Everything from my request for a Gass geyser to initial inspection, install and certification was handled within one week with no pains whatsoever. Everyone was very professional and proficient.


Best of the Bunch award! Fair pricing, on time delivery and installation done to very specific requirements. Great team to work with - thanks Team Winelands Gas!

Richard Freiboth

Winelands Gas was professional and efficient from the get-go. They were quick to respond to my enquiry, even quicker with a quote and an installation date. Everything went smoothly, and Francois, Lené, Peter and the rest of Winelands Gas were friendly until the very end. Very impressed and can definitely recommend their services.

Liani Jansen van Rensburg

I would Highly Recommend Winelands Gas. Their service speaks volumes; On time and Professional.

Pieter van Zyl

Always a pleasure to deal with Winelands Gas, there service is great and on time. I would recommend their services anytime. Thank you Francois, Zelda and Team

Lauren Overton

We used Winelands gas for our gas installation in our kitchen. From the moment they came out to give us our quotation until they finished the installation, they were very professional. The staff were friendly and always available for any queries we had. I would highly recommend this company for any gas installation needs you might have.

Frances Engelbrecht

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is gas a safe energy source for homes?

Yes, when handled and used properly, gas is a safe and reliable energy source for homes.

2. How can I switch my home to gas?

Contact a local gas company to assess your needs and guide you through the process.

3. What are the environmental benefits of using gas?

Gas produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to other fossil fuels, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

4. Are gas appliances energy-efficient?

Yes, gas appliances are known for their energy efficiency and cost savings.

5. Can I use gas for heating my swimming pool?

Many gas companies offer solutions for heating swimming pools, providing an efficient way to enjoy your pool year-round.

Gas companies in Cape Town offer a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for both residential and commercial needs. With their reliable supply, commitment to safety, and environmental benefits, they are the go-to choice for those looking to secure their energy future. Make the switch today and experience the advantages of clean and efficient gas energy.


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